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Workplace Safety

The Group had 437 employees at 31 March 2013 (2012 - 382). 345 employees were employed in Northern Ireland and 92 in the Republic of Ireland.

Health and Safety

A principal Corporate Social Responsibility priority for Viridian is to ensure the safety of employees, contractors and the general public through the promotion of a positive health and safety culture and adherence to legislation and recognised safety standards. Viridian’s health and safety policy aims to promote high standards and is supported by specific safety principles, rules, policies and procedures.

The Group health and safety management system is based upon the principles of the Health and Safety Executive guidance ‘Successful Health and Safety Management’ and the Institute of Directors/Health and Safety Commission guidance ‘Leading Health and Safety at Work’. Viridian’s approach to employment-related performance, such as safety and sickness absence, is to set targets in line with best practice.  

Viridian regularly engages with relevant organisations including the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland as well as the Health and Safety Authority in the Republic of Ireland.  The Group retains the services of an external health and safety consultant who provides advice and recommendations to management on a range of health and safety matters and carries out external audits on a regular basis.