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Corporate Responsibility

The Viridian Group is committed to operating in a socially, environmentally and ethically responsible manner. It aims to be recognised as transparent and ethical in its dealings and to contribute to the general economic and social well being and development of the communities in which it operates.

The Group recognises the importance of engaging with a wide range of stakeholders including: its shareholders; customers; employees; the wider community; those representing the environment; and suppliers. It does this through many channels including working closely with: industry regulators; consumer representative groups; various health and safety bodies; trade unions; business representatives; elected representatives and politicians; contractors; and landlords.

The Group has defined a number of principal corporate social responsibility (CSR) themes and priorities relevant to the management of SEE-related risks that may impact upon the short and long-term value of the Group. These are classified below under the headings of Workplace Safety,Workplace Employment,Environment, Marketplace and Community.