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About Us

Viridian is the leading independent energy company in the all-Ireland market.  With substantial businesses in both NI and the ROI and an annual turnover of circa €1.5 Billion, the Viridian Group is one of Ireland’s Top 50 Businesses.

Viridian Group has always been at the forefront of innovation and was the first independent energy company to enter the deregulated market to offer competitive electricity to Irish businesses in 1999.  Viridian, a forward thinking and innovative organisation, was first to market with many major initiatives including:

• First independent energy company to build two modern power plants in Ireland with no state guarantees. 

• First independent energy company to offer competitive gas to Irish businesses and Ireland’s first independent dual fuel offering.

• First energy company to trade electricity using the north-south interconnector.

Viridian employs approximately 630 staff across NI and the ROI.

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The Viridian Group comprises:


Through Energia and Power NI, Viridian has a circa 20% share of domestic electricity sales and a circa 27% share of business electricity sales on an all-Ireland basis.


Viridian’s independent retail arm, Energia, is a leading supplier of competitive gas and conventional and renewable electricity to the business energy markets across Ireland and the domestic energy market in the RoI.
Energia Group comprises Energia Supply, Energia Generation and Energia Renewables.

Energia Supply provides electricity and gas to around 60,000 businesses across Ireland. Around 20% of the non-domestic market in Ireland choose Energia as their provider.

Energia Generation comprises two modern gas fired generation plants at Huntstown, North Dublin with a total generation capacity of 747 megawatts (MW)

Energia Renewables supports investments by third parties in renewable energy generation, facilitating the supply of circa 20% of Ireland’s total wind energy generation, a considerable contribution towards Ireland’s green energy targets.

Power NI
supplies electricity to around 500,000 homes and businesses in Northern Ireland. As Northern Ireland’s premier energy retailer, Power NI aims to provide customers with great value for money and the highest standards of customer service. 

Power NI Power Procurement Business (PPB) manages 600MW of contracted generation capacity in Northern Ireland.